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Gear Clock

This larger than life time front-and-center attention to detail Clock is fabricated from galvanized steel for a history-making 36-inchwidescreen touchscreen display, it offers a large display area and is large enough to display your news, weather, and social media applications in full color. The Clock also presents a large-scale Clock face with an 36-inchwidescreen touchscreen display, this large-scale Clock is top-quality for any large orobserver-sized window.

Wall Clock With Moving Gears

This 15, 5 industrial gear wall Clock is an enticing addition to all home, and would be enticing for any age range. With its digital movement and durable bronze finish, this Clock is sure to last for years, this large moving gear wall Clock is a terrific addition to you decor drawer. It is produced of large metal gears and it is in use 24/7, the Clock provides a cool design and it is time-based. This gears Clock is an unique pendulum wall Clock that is produced out of steampunk gear, it is a timepiece that tells the time using gears and brass, and it presents an unique Clock face that looks like a pendulum. The is built to time you with its terrific Clock face and features a lot of steampunk gear included such as pendulum bells, gears, a clock, and a few other pieces that are used in to the time, this Clock is an unrivaled addition to each space, and is a practical addition to all home or office. This beautiful wood gear Clock is a beneficial addition to room in your home, and outstanding for use! With its age-appropriate melody music and back-up clock, this Clock will keep any room on your home organized and on time.