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Clock Gears

This Clock is fabricated of quality materials and is a beautiful wall clock, it features 16 large brushed oil rubbed bronze hands and seconds. It is moreover faced with a quartz structure, this Clock is a first-rate choice for a home or office.

Watch Gears

This is a post about watch gears, Clock parts and metal gears in the steampunk genre, the gears of a Clock are first-class candidate for the development of a gears of a Clock product. This type of product would be terrific for lovers who are interested in the history and culture of the time period in which the Clock is used, additionally, it would be a first rate candidate for product sales. This type of product can be found in different colors and different styles, this is a fun project to make and add a bit of steampunk looky-loo to your home! You will need some Clock gears, cogs, and a few other parts. You can choose to make it with 10 gears, or just be different with the parts, indoor 11. 5" oil rubbed bronze cutout arabic gear is a fun project to make, and is a fantastic beginner's Clock project, the parts are all available from various you can also find it from various antiques and collector's shops. This old Clock gears is an 12 rubbed bronze round wall Clock glass lens quartz new clock, it is a beautiful Clock glass and measures 12"w x 10"h. The Clock is replacement for an existing Clock and is manufactured of glass lens and bronze round wall Clock glass, it is in excellent condition with no flaws.