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Game Gear Sonic

This Game is for the sega Game gear, it's a blast to play and you'll be playing it all! In this game, you're a Sonic blast character who needs to chopped down trees and plants in order to get to the bottom of a city. The better you do, the more power up your Sonic blast vehicle provides to help you out, there's also a wealth of other Game games to play on the substitute down your tree. Have a blast playing this game, it's sure to keep you busy.

Sega Game Gear Sonic

In Sonic you are the only one who can save the world from a declared war, by doing so, you must use your skills to hit all the enemies in front of you, as well as your running and jumping to avoid obstacles. The more enemies you can defeat in a game, the high your score will be, this Game gear Sonic is designed to help you outfit and look like the likes of dr. and Sonic the hedgehog, it includes a few pieces that can be used to create an overall look, like a large white shirt and a bright blue dress. Other pieces can be used to customize specific details, like hair and eyes, this Game extends Sonic drift 2 on sega Game gear. You are car driver who wants to stay out of the road and stay in the race, you can control your car with a keyboard and a controls panel on the back of the game. There are collecting and ing tasks to complete, and you can also use a boost button to increase speed, the Game grants a very effortless start, but the challenges will keep you coming. Are you against Sonic and his friends in the current state of the game? Not anymore! Get your hands on this limited edition Game gear and help him take on the and their team of aliens.